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Set up your video camera or Placemeter Sensor

Placemeter supports a variety of live IP cameras, recorded video formats, and our own innovative sensor.


We turn your video into meaningful data

Using proprietary algorithms, Placemeter analyzes pedestrian, vehicle, and bike movement on streets and sidewalks.


See your data in a real-time dashboard

You seamlessly access your Placemeter data with simple reports, dashboards, and raw data downloads.

Privacy by Design

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Data without identity

Immediate processing, minimal storage

Continuous improvement

“Our key driver is understanding how much foot traffic we need to make each dollar spent for rent the most profitable. Placemeter helped us achieve this quickly.”

David Reid
CFO, Dylan’s Candy Bar

“We placed our trust in Placemeter to give us that critical intelligence quickly and effectively, and they did not let us down."

Mike Flowers
Former Chief Analytics Officer, NYC