Become a Meter and put your window to work

Become a Meter

Show Us Your View

Fill out the simple Meter application. Placemeter will evaluate your application based on the view from your window, and pay you a certain amount per month.

Install Your Sensor

Place an old Android or iPhone on your window using the suction cup we send you. If you don’t have an extra phone lying around, we’ll also send you a Placemeter sensor.

Get Paid

Earn monthly payments as long as you keep your phone attached to the window and the Placemeter app running. Over time, we’ll share insights we gain from your data.

What we're looking for...

  • A view that overlooks stores, restaurants, bars, or shops. The more you see, the more we’ll pay you. Up to $50 per month.

We hate to see you go, but...

  • If you don’t have a street side view, we can’t use you as a Meter. Sorry!
  • We're just in NYC for now—but feel free to apply if you live somewhere else. We’ll be expanding to more cities soon!

What will we do with your Meter data?

As a Meter, you’ll help us make cities better by optimizing pedestrian spaces.

Your Meter data will increase the effectiveness of urban design, help local businesses make better decisions, and let consumers like you know how busy a place is before you get there.


Placemeter’s technology and camera networks are not used to track individuals. We will not use our Meters’ data to identify any pedestrians through our video streaming. Learn more about Placemeter’s privacy initiatives.

Meter's Privacy
Public Privacy
  • We don't share your personal information
  • We don’t record inside your home
  • Every sensor's data is protected with industry-strength encryption
  • Our video streaming will be used to count people—not identify them
  • Because we don't identify people, our data is anonymized
  • We’re not creating a video archive, recording less than .01% of video for quality checks
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