At Placemeter, we’re convinced that tech companies can collect data (yes, the kind that makes money) without violating people’s privacy. We do this using a traditional tool of surveillance, the video camera, while refusing to surveil people.

How? In a nutshell: our computer vision technology lets our sensors count individuals, and translate that information into aggregate data, without identifying characteristics.

You should know that we take our privacy standards very seriously. Since current legal regulations haven’t caught up to speed with our technological developments, we’ve developed a simple set of rules to hold ourselves accountable with. As our platform evolves, we’ll adapt these principles as well.

To read more about our privacy philosophy, read this blog post.

Privacy Principles

Our system is designed for algorithms to scan and analyze videos, minimizing human contact and video storage as much as possible..

  • Meter’s Privacy
    • We don't share your personal information.
    • We don’t record inside your home.
    • We protect your connection to our backend with industry-strength encryption.
  • Public’s Privacy
    • We don't identify anyone with our algorithms.
    • We're not creating a video archive. We record less than .01% of video for quality assurance checks.
    • We conduct regular audits of our privacy policies and practices.