Sell smarter media products with real-time audience information

Before & After

You can show brands the real value and impact of their ads, with added behavioral insights.
Out-of-Home Advertisers only had estimates of how well their clients’ media investments were performing.

What Placemeter measures

Capture real-time reach, OTS, and dwell time metrics for your units

Measure the effect of dynamic and interactive features on your digital boards


Prove the value of your product

Online ad servers use audience information to set the proper price for ad spaces. Shouldn’t out-of-home advertisers do the same? Now, with Placemeter, you’ll know exactly how many people interact with your ad spaces. You’ll be able to provide proof of performance and negotiate a fair price.

Give your clients a key advantage

Brand managers need to prove internally that their investments are efficient. By providing them with evidence of brand engagement, you’ll give them hard data in favor of your collaboration.

Use real-time data for dynamic advertising

Use Placemeter’s API to change your ads or their messaging after traffic crosses a certain threshold. You’ll be able to institute pricing tiers and diversify your offerings.


Simple setup


Customizable study areas

Continuous, 24/7 data

Privacy and security


  • Connect Arlo cameras or use existing security camera systems
  • Immediately access accurate and complete data in real time
  • Easily move your sensor to study other areas
  • Use team accounts to share real-time data with your clients
  • Export raw data to perform further analysis