Walk-in Rate: a new way to maximize your store’s revenue

Before & After

You can measure everything inside AND outside your store, revealing unexpected revenue growth opportunities.
You could only measure what was happening inside your store.

What Placemeter measures

Store door counts

Pedestrian traffic in front of your store

Street-to-purchase conversion rate

Impact of Black Friday, other sales, holidays, and seasons


Increase revenue on existing stores by analyzing street-to-purchase conversion rates.

Your walk-in rate, or street-to-store conversion rate, is a brand new KPI available to you for the first time on the Placemeter platform. Use it to quantify the top of your sales funnel. Then, improve your store’s performance by optimizing storefront and signage designs, promotional displays, and store hours.

Anticipate the impact of promotional advertising, sales, street fairs, and other events around your store.

Help prepare your store for expected and unexpected events. Measure street-to-store conversion before, during, and after an event, at your location or at other similar locations, and you’ll gain a better understanding of what to plan for in the future.

Understand neighborhoods for better site selection.

When it’s time to expand your network of stores, Placemeter is here to help. Quantify pedestrian activity at each of your potential locations to determine which will perform the best. You’ll make a data-backed decision sure to transform into revenue.


Continuous, 24/7 data


Customizable study areas

Simple setup


  • Connect Arlo cameras or use existing security camera systems
  • Immediately access a dashboard with real-time data
  • Aggregate and compare historical data
  • Export easy-to-read reports

Who we've worked with

We provided sidewalk traffic counts for Dylan’s Candy Bar, a New York City candy emporium, to help the chain understand pedestrian traffic at locations across the city, optimize entrances and displays at their flagship store, and select one of four lease options provided by a broker.