Support your Smart City projects

Before & After

Our data helps you allocate funds to the right projects and prove the positive impact of your Smart City initiatives.
Smart City projects were based on assumptions and their impacts were difficult to justify.

What Placemeter measures

Measure multimodal traffic trends

Identify opportunities for infrastructure improvements

User flow: discover crowded and under-used areas

Analyze the use of design features (park benches, recycling bins, playground equipment)

Determine the impact of temporary events and special programming

Process multiple activities on a single video feed


Make informed decisions for your Smart City projects.

Our accurate, reliable data helps you choose the right projects to focus on by determining where use is heaviest. Armed with hard evidence of the need for improvement, your prioritization decisions will be incontestable.

Measure multimodal traffic trends.

Determine how many bicyclists ride on your sidewalks and how many trucks drive on residential streets. This data can help you prioritize pilot projects and critical infrastructure improvements.

Give designers and planners a more complete understanding of your project.

Augment your RFP with knowledge of when, where, and how people are using public spaces. Respondents will better understand your needs and objectives. You’ll get more thoughtful responses and all design team members will be committed to the most important aspects of your project from day one.

Provide citizens before and after comparisons to show the positive impact of your initiatives.

Assuage taxpayers’ fears of inefficient government spending. Demonstrate how your new and improved public spaces increase the vibrancy of their neighborhoods by comparing before and after measurements of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.


Simple setup

Continuous, 24/7 data


Customizable study areas

Guaranteed privacy and security


  • Connect city-owned cameras or use Arlo cameras
  • Quickly access accurate and complete data
  • Set up team accounts to share data with your designers and contractors
  • Export raw data in spreadsheets to perform further analysis

Who we've worked with

As part of a citywide revitalization, City of Paris is partnering with Cisco and Placemeter to measure how many people are walking, biking, and driving in the Place de la Nation. Over the course of one year Placemeter will help test different scenarios, such as what happens if streets are closed for a month, or what happens if benches and chairs move around, or what happens if bike lane expand.

Developers, students, retailers, and urban planners will all get direct and real-time access to the plaza’s data, to create, elaborate, and contribute.